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Website Requirements

This comprehensive questionnaires provides information that enables Online Ion to setup a free consultation to achieve your goals. It is recommended that all questions are answered so that a proper consultation could be prepared for the best possible experience.
Do you currently own a Domain name for the website?
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Who hosts your current domain name?
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Goals of the Website

What is the primary goal of the website?
Who are the primary or/and secondary audiences?
What is the “Call to action?”or What do you want the consumer to do?


Do you have an existing content?
Do you need a Content writer?
Types of Writer(s) you require
Requirement for Non-English Writers
Please enter all languages apply
How frequent do you add new content?
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How frequent do you update content?
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Would you need our help to update your site on a regular basis?
Are there any existing images and photos available for our use?
Do you need a Photographer?
How many photos do you need?

Website Pages and Features

Please select pages you require
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Please select features you require
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You want us to design a logo for your company?
You want us to design business card and letterhead?
Any design you have in mind for the website?
What are the colours required for this website design?
Give colour names or codes
Definitely Like to See
Definitely Not Like to See
Additional information on the website design that we need to know?

Website style

The styles you like Designers to explore. Select those that apply.
If you unable to answer the design questions above, do you want to engage our Creative Designer to help you?

Reference Website

Name a few sites that appeal to you. It could be competitors or sites unrelated to your industry that you feel may be relevant to the design of your website. Please comment on what you like/dislike about the design and features of the reference websites.


Do you have plans to promote your website at Search Engine Marketing (SEM), e.g. Google AdWords
Do you have plans to promote your website at Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Do you have plans to promote at Social Media (SMM) like Facebook?

Company Information

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