SEM / PPC Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way of advertise your website with an option to pay a sponsored search when a certain keyword is being search. OnlineBusinessIon provides PPC Marketing to promote your website using paid ads, sponsored listings, Google Adwords, Bing andYahoo.

Many people access the internet every day, and it is never difficult to introduce your business to them.  Through the help of OnlineBusinessIon SEM strategies, it is now possible to maximize your website presence and gives you the opportunity to advertise your business to potential customers, improve leads and increase profits. Search engine marketing is no longer an alternative, it’s now a requirement.

Why your business needs SEM/PPC promotion?

Having an SEM promotion for your website is very essential. By applying both the SEO and SEM is a great way to enhance your internet marketing efforts. Here are several reasons why your business needs SEM/PPC:

  • It gives you the opportunity to shorten your internet marketing promotions so you don’t need to wait any longer for a result most especially if you want to fast track the visibility of your website.
  • You can do a local advertising intended for your targeted audience.
  • You can monitor your marketing spends that you’ve made for week, day or month.
  • It is the ultimate way for people to find your website.
  • You can buy guaranteed traffic that is ready to buy
  • It simply works and proven to provide results.

Our Search Engine Marketing Strategies

OnlineBusinessIon have SEM experts who are dedicated to provide effective PPC campaign to improve the visibility of your page and include an instant result for the benefits of your business.

OnlineBusinessIon offers flexible service for clients and allows them to control their budget. We mix both our SEO techniques and SEM advertising to give a powerful internet marketing implementation. SEM professionals at our SEO Company operate a wide range of optimization methods to guarantee rankings in search engine result pages or SERPS.


Our SEM Plans:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Homepage optimization
  • PPC conversions that fits your budget
  • PPC advertising management
  • Complete progress report every week
  • Tracking details

Why Choose Us?

  • We manage and monitor thoroughly each PPC progress and we value your money.
  • We put together the whole operation depending on your company’s goal, product introduction and starting businesses.
  • We have dedicated team of SEM Experts.
  • We offer affordable packages where you only pay for the result.
  • We communicate closely to clients and implement white hat techniques.
  • We search for the right keywords.
  • We give you the right business leads to turn it to sales.


Investing for PPC service will give a huge impact in your business sales. Online advertising is a powerful tool and faster means of enhancing your customers and its popularity. Paid web advertising is really a bit costly but if you get to know how important it was, then you surely would like to give it a go.